Guided Direction for Ideal Pet Selection

Pet SelectionPet Selection

Your puppy is going to share many happy years with you, so be careful in choosing wisely. Puppy selection requires some homework — which breed, what size, long coat or short coat are decisions that are going to influence your selection. Understanding its health and its temperament is as important. Dogs are a long-term investment, so take your time and give some careful thought to your selection. Any hasty decision can lead to discrepancies in expectations. Happytails recognises the importance of finding the perfect puppy for the right family.

We offer the following services in Pet Selection:

Selecting a breeder or identifying home litter.

Physical condition understanding and identifying any health concerns.

Temperament understanding the temperament by engaging the puppy in various situations.

Identifying alerts that may be unpleasant — like nervousness, signs of aggression, shyness — at a very early age.

Be prepared with your list of questions and your wishlist to discuss the best pet companion for you, how to find your new pet, and how to prepare for the dog!