Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your most common questions here.
Q.1 My pet is a first-time boarder. What should I expect?
For first-time boarders, we always insist on a day-long trial session where your pet will get an opportunity to spend time with our staff and experience the kennel environment as well. During this trial session, we allow our four-legged guests to run and play around with our staff and once he is tired, we gradually introduce them to the kennel. We make sure that your pet is going inside the kennel happily. During his first time check-in, we insist on a morning arrival so that your pet gets the entire day to adjust.
Q.2 I can bring toys and a bed for my pet?
If you feel your pet will be more comfortable and at home with some of their own bedding or toys, then you are welcome to bring them. Please bear in mind that all personal items left are your own responsibility and in some cases items can be damaged or lost.
Q.3 Do you meet with me and my dog before his / her stay?
Yes. All new guests are met with by a member of our staff on our premises. We give your dog a short examination where we simply make sure your dog is coming in happy and healthy. We will also ask you some general questions so that we can get to know our guests a little better. All day-care dogs are also given a Temperament Test, in which we make sure your dog is ready to socialise with our other guests.
Q.4 Why is my dog tired/calm when he comes home?
This is one of the great benefits of boarding your dog. Your dog gets to play for a longer time along with their walks, which are individual or group playtime. So, naturally, they get tired at the end of the day. Generally, we don’t disturb a dog if it is sleeping. So, after you take your pet home, they will prefer to sleep more than usual.
Q.5 If I check out my pet in the morning, is there a charge for that day?
Yes. If you pick up your dog before 1200 hrs, you will be charged for half a day. Our staff begins tending to pet guests in our care at 6 a.m., so before you arrive for check out, your pet will have been fed, exercised, had his kennel area cleaned and, in some cases, have been bathed to prepare for going home.
Q.6 Are there any discounts for long stays?
Yes. Dogs who are going to stay with us for over 5 weeks will receive a discount.
Q.7 Will you follow his medication schedule, if any?
Of course! We can give any form of non-injectable medications as specified. Please make sure all medication is clearly labelled and dosage instructions are included. For injectables, we have an in-house veterinarian backup.
Q.8 Can all my pets stay together in the same kennel?
Yes. We can accommodate pets together in the same kennel. As the space allows (16ft x 6ft) us to keep (maximum 3) pets together, breeds like Labradors, as long as they are peaceful, can stay together. Any minor fights will be taken care of and they will be separated from each other in individual kennels.
Q.9 My dog is on a special diet. Can I bring in my own food?
If your pet requires a special diet, we encourage you to bring their food when boarding. Our trained staff will follow your instructions to make sure your pet follows its regular diet. By pre-bagging each meal and separately labelled with your pet's name, your pet will receive the exact amount of food that you feed him or her at home.
Q.1 Is it necessary to get my dog trained from a professional?
Training is the most important part of your dog’s life. A well-trained dog is a confident and happier dog. Training helps to build a superb bond between you and your pet.
Q.2 What type of training method do you use?
I’m in favour of all “Positive and Rewarding Methods.” This is a modern method of training which uses fun rewards as exchange for good behaviour. I do not use force, no shouting, or other "negative" forms which will hurt your dog emotionally or physically. Every session is going to be very a happy one, and fun for your pet.
Q.3 What kind of equipment will be used during training sessions?
As I believe in positive methods of training, I do not make use of a pinch collar, chock chain or shock collar. What we need is a regular leash and collar, toys and treats. The most important element we use in training is positive energy and lots of happiness.
Q.4 Will you allow us, the family members, to be present during sessions?
Of Course!! I insist on the whole family joining in, in every session. Being a pet parent, it is very important to know how your pet is learning. And it doesn’t matter if the sessions are indoors or outdoors. The owner’s active presence is compulsory. Also, there is no age limit. From young children to grandparents, everyone is welcome.
Q.5 Will my dog listen to me? Or it is just a trainer's commands he will follow?
Since pet parents are encouraged to attend training sessions, they will not be passive onlookers but active participants, whereby any mistakes from either side can be corrected on the spot. There will be strict and happy homework after each session.
Q.6 Do you guarantee results?
No. A trainer cannot train your dog to obey YOU. I’ll help your dog understand what is expected of him and will encourage you to follow through. If you don’t follow the instructions, your dog will not become a trained dog.
Q.7 How long does behaviour modification take?
Your training and behaviour modification depends on how consistent you are. The more consistent you are with your dog and the closer you follow the behaviour modification plan, the faster your dog will change. Consistency and commitment are the keys. It also depends on your dog’s problems and how severe they are.
Q.8 Once my dog has been trained, will he ever forget what he learned
He'll never forget what he's learned, as long as you apply it. Dogs are creatures of habit. They don't care whether those habits are good or bad; they just want a routine that they can depend on. So as long as that routine is listening to you, he'll never forget.