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Happy Tails offers personalised pet accommodation services for all small and big, young and old pets when you are away on work or holiday and can’t take your pet along. The facility is located at Bhugaon and is close to Kothrud, Warje, Sinhagad Road, Aundh, Pashan, and Bavdhan areas in Pune City. Situated on a one-acre plot, the facility is well organised, spacious and in sylvan surroundings. Rest assured, while you are away, your pet will be enjoying playing, running, sniffing, sleeping, and rolling around in our grassy play areas.

Designed with comfort in mind, we can accommodate 25 pet guests individually, at any given time. Large-size individual kennels with attached runs (12ft x 5.5ft) keep your pet happy and well exercised. A chain-link fixed onto a 4 ft wall separates the kennels, ensuring that the dogs are not lonely while still providing a barrier.

Quality food — packaged dog food as well as home-cooked meals like chicken and rice and liver soup — is provided. At the same time, any food allergies, or particular individual food habits, are taken into account.

Individual attention is provided to each of our guests, as is medical attention when required. Each pet is exercised twice daily and apart from their walks, they can enjoy fun training sessions with us too.

External security is also provided with an 8 ft chain link perimeter fence. Dog boarding areas are fully enclosed at night and are insulated, making them cosy in winter and cool in summer. While our guests are not confined to their kennel during their stay, we do not expect you to pay extra for them to run and play!