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Obedience TrainingObedience Training

Being a pet parent makes you responsible for teaching your puppy some basic responses like sit, stay, come, etc. and teaching them social manners like how to interact with people, young children, and other animals. However, the difficulty lies in the fact that puppies, being animals, have their own minds. They may find other things more intriguing than you, or they may just refuse to listen. With proper and professional guidance, you can save your puppy from being a problem dog by redirecting and channelising their energies and emotions to becoming a socially well-adjusted pet and member of the family.

When do we step in? Adult dog or young puppy, HappyTails is here to help you train your pet with:

Basic Obedience covers basic commands. The expected time period is 5 to 10 sessions.

We only undertake training at your residence.

We use ONLY positive training methods which are completely reward-based.