Professional Dog Trainer & Behaviourist


Welcome. I am Meera Thosar,

Professional Canine Trainer and Behaviourist

I have trained under Shirin Merchant (Canines Can Care, Mumbai) and under John Rogerson (Northern Centre for Canine Training and Behaviour, UK). I have also trained in Practical Training Exercises and Concepts, Explosives' Detection, Hearing and Guide Dog Handling, Competitive Obedience Training and Tracking.

So far, I have trained around 200 dogs belonging to different breeds like the Labrador Rt, Golden Rt, Boxer, Rottweiler, Doberman, German Shepherd, Lhasa Apso, Beagle, Bull Mastiff, Cocker Spaniel, Pug, Great Dane, English Bull Dog, Iris Setter, St. Bernard, Boston Terrier and many Mongrel pets.

CSI (Crime Scene investigation)

Very recently, I have had training in Crime Scene investigation, which covered Explosives and Cadaver Detection, Tracking, Search and Rescue and Evidence gathering.

Police Consultant

At a seminar I conducted for the Maharashtra State Police Dog SquadUndertaking Training Workshops for the Maharashtra Police Dog Squad Trainers, Pune Base and CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force), Pune District.

Veterinarian Assistant

I continue to work as a veterinary assistant to a well-known surgeon, Dr. Milind Hatekar, in Pune. Have been doing so for the past 10 years and have acquired skills in handling animals in critical condition by being able to assist in a wide variety of surgeries and treatments.

Snake Park Team

I started working with the Snake Park, Pune as far back as 1998. It was the first time that I got an opportunity to work closely with domestic as well as wild animals including reptiles. Today, I still work with the Snake Park as a Rescue Team member.

"I have had very good experiences with Meera and her work. She has managed a very fast and close relation to my two dogs and has trained them following behavioral methods. And, she only worked when I was present. She only worked with positive enhancement. She could give me detailed advice how to handle the dogs and how I could include the training sessions in my daily life.
She had several tips and concrete examples for the behavioral problems."

- Saskia Häger, German resident in Pune, India.

"I remember our first meeting. We had two dogs to be trained. One was a lab called Tiger and one was a spitz called Tojo. The first time Meera came Tiger, being the very friendly type, went directly to her. While she was patting Tiger, Tojo tried to imitate him and did the same. That is when she pushed him away.

I was a bit put off by it. I thought what kind of a trainer would push a dog away? BUT when she explained that this had to be done so that they both understood they needed to take turns, I was impressed. It was amazing the way both Tiger and Tojo were obeying and learning all the basic skills.

I never knew that such basic things could be so important. I realized the importance of not letting your dog pull you on the leash when I hurt myself one day taking tojo for a walk. Had he not been trained, he would have pulled continuously on the leash. I might have aggravated my injury. That was the day I thanked the stars for letting us meet Meera. Not only did she teach Tojo the basic skills, she also taught me how to handle his aggressivness. That helped get some really good habits in very early in his age. Now when everybody says Tojo is a very well mannered dog, I thank Meera.

Thanks a lot for helping me be Alpha and take care of Tojo in a better way! My best wishes are always with you."

-Dr Ketki Wagh, Ayurvedic Practitioner.

"Meera has been like “The Dog Whisperer” with my cocker spaniel. Within a few training sessions she transformed my energetic pup from acting like a champion sled dog who pulled me along to a lady who walked gently at my side. She has established a great rapport with my dog and has taught her how to be a well-behaved member of the family.
Meera has also been flexible when I have added a few foster puppies into the mix and helped train them as well.
Soon I will be returning to America and Meera has helped with advice for taking my Indian dog and cat with me. She also took them to Mumbai on my behalf to get all the required paperwork. I have been very impressed with Meera and the results she has achieved!"

-Rochelle Fernands.

"I have known Meera Thosar for over 5 years. From her very first day on the trainer course, her passion for dogs and thirst for knowledge impressed me. Over the years, her aptitude to communicate with and train a dog has grown in leaps and bounds.
Meera's unstinting dedication to help people and dogs makes her stand out amongst her peers.

A trainer is noticed by the way her dog behaves and Meera's training skills can be accounted for in her lovely and well mannered Labrador, Mili."

- Shirin Merchant - India's Pioneer Canine Behaviourist and Trainer.